The DiSpirito Team Real Estate Commission Fees

Understanding how much it costs to buy or sell a home is something we want our clients to know upfront. At the DiSpirito Team, we believe in a total transparent experience for our buyers and sellers from start to finish. 

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For Buyers:

When buying a home, how much does it cost to hire a buyers agent?

  • The DiSpirito Team offers No Upfront Charge for Buyers Agent Services
  • Traditionally, Sellers Pay the Realtors (buyer/seller agents). Your cost is $0 in this common situation. 
    • In the event the sellers of a home you wish to buy, are not offering your agent compensation (rare), you would be charged 3% of the purchase price as your buyer's agent fee, which would be applied to your closing costs. I.e. $250,000 purchase price x 3% brokerage fee = $7500. 
  • Receieve our Client Concierge Program at No Cost! 
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For Sellers:

How much does it cost for a DiSpirito Team Realtor to sell my home?

When placing your home on the market, we are marketing not only buyers but other real estate agents.

Compensation for buyers agent is between 2% and 3% of the total sale price and deducted from the total fee stated below.

  • Package A - Our Guaranteed Best Marketing Program (allowing us to sell homes 5x faster and at 4% higher than the average Realtor in Rhode Island! See agent for details!)
    • The cost to list your home is a 3% fee of the total sale price. i.e. $250,000 x 6% = $15,000.
      • Is there an extra fee to pay the buyers agent? No, we actually split our commission with the buyer's agent. 
      • How long are the terms of the agreement? We offer a 6-month agreement to our clients. 
        • Our clients can cancel anytime if they are not satisfied with the service or marketing. Simply email, share your thoughts and allow one opportunity for us to correct this for you. When left unsatisfied, that is our fault and not yours and our agreement is void with zero cost to you. We have never been fired! Check our reviews here
  • Package B - Multiple Transactions
    • Sell 2 or more properties with the DiSpirito Team and the cost is 5% of the sale price. i.e. $250,000 x 5% = $12,500
      • Enjoy Our Guaranteed Best Marketing Program
  • Package C - Developers, Builders, and Investors
    • I am planning on listing a development for sale in RI or MA. What is the commission? 
      • When using the DiSpirito Team to list 5 or more properties, you will enjoy rock-bottom industry commissions of 4.5% of the sales price.
      • List 10 or more homes with The DiSpirito Team and enjoy a 4% broker fee. 
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 Are real estate commission fees negotiable? 

Some agents may allow you to haggle with them for a lower fee. We have found a couple of alarming things with this for sellers who want to earn the most when selling. 

  1. You are hiring an agent to negotiate the highest price and best terms for you. How will an agent who negotiates down their own pay preform when it comes to earning you top dollar? 
  2. What services and marketing are being left out for the agent to provide you with a low fee? Remember, no one can work for free. 
  3. When an agent is earning very little or breaking even, will they treat you as a priority? 

What is the average real estate commission in Rhode Island and Massachusettes

When you google "average real estate commission" you will see 6% on most pages. Agents are not allowed to tell consumers that there is a "standard" rate as that goes against anti-trust laws set in place to protect the public. 

How much do Realtors make?

The average Realtor in RI and MA will make around $42,000 per year. Real estate agents are self-employed and responsible for all of their own expenses including medical, business, self-employment tax and Federal and State income taxes. Real estate agents must also maintain their license, errors and omissions insurance, pay a brokerage in most cases half of their commissions and cover marketing expenses, gas, etc. When you boil it down, the average Realtor makes around $8 per hour when working a 60 hour work week. 

Will I save money selling my home "FSBO" For Sale By Owner?

According to the National Association of Realtors, the average for sale by owner will sell their property for approximately 13% less than a Realtor. Why? 

  • For Sale By Owners will usually post their home on one or few to many websites compared to a DiSpirito Team agent who will post on over 1,400 consumer search sites. 
  • FSBO will not hire a professional photographer, is inexperienced dealing with the nearly 200 step process of transaction and negotiations on pricing and terms. 
  • Homeowners selling on their own are also offering in most all cases between 2.5% to 3% to buyers agents, paying an attorney between $1,000 to $3,000. 
    • In some cases, they will pay an "Entry Only" listing service between $250 to $1500 to place a limited amount of photos on MLS. 
  • Do Realtors avoid FSBO?
    • Most Realtors do not show for sale by owners because of the following reasons
      • The agent will have to coordinate both sides of the transaction, may have a hard time reaching or communicating homeowner through the process or may not have their buyers in an agreement where the buyer will pay them in the event the for sale by owner property does not offer compensation.